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Psychiatric Care Considerations for LGBTQ+ Population.

an educational offering by The Colorado Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses Special Interest Group 31 on: MAY 9TH, 2023

Psychiatric Care Considerations for LGBTQ+ Population.

Thank you all for attending our educational offering. I am so very pleased with the turnout and very thoughtful questions. A huge Thank You and Giant Hug to my friend Christina Renee Monks for taking the time out to speak for her community and educate all of us on her transgender journey and parting some very useful advices to healthcare givers in relation to caring for this population.
Below is a list of resources noted during our educational symposium along with a certificate of attendance. Although there are no CME's or CEU's attached to this, I am told that it can be useful for board certification.

Certificate of Attendance:!Ar-A3Oj2OGPYqjg4N42ysLMr20zG?e=o7Ioe7

Resource page:!Ar-A3Oj2OGPYqj48bgwCKEi0WyJu?e=FzLtf4

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